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About is the largest private discount network in the USA designed by Hispanics for Hispanics. With over one million affiliated businesses, offers substantial savings to the Hispanic community on everyday purchases and experiences. The platform empowers users to choose how they save and where they invest, making it a valuable resource for Hispanic households in the United States.

Founders: Marcelo Gaffoglio and Viviana Valderrama

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Marcelo Gaffoglio and Viviana Valderrama, the founders of Empowering the Hispanic Community
in the USA

to Save and Invest

With TuEliges.US, Marcelo Gaffoglio and Viviana Valderrama have created a platform that goes beyond discounts. It's a tool to empower the Hispanic community, allowing them to save on their daily purchases and experiences. As the platform's motto suggests, at, you choose how to save and where to invest. A platform created by and for the Hispanic community in the United States.


With TuEliges.US, the future of savings and opportunities is just a click away.

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