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Entertainment Coverage
by Medios y Media
Distributed in the USA and Puerto Rico by W Publishing House

We offer extensive coverage of concerts, red carpets, and celebrity events in Mexico for US media companies that want to provide the best coverage to their readers, viewers, and users


Concerts Images

Capturing the rhythm and energy of unforgettable concerts in Mexico through vivid imagery


Capturing the essence of celebrities through captivating portraits, both in the studio and on film sets


Red Carpets

Glamorous red carpet moments captured in Mexico through striking images and captivating videos

Press Conferences

Insightful coverage of press conferences in Mexico through compelling images and engaging videos



Dynamic videos from Mexico, showcasing concerts, red carpet events, press conferences, and exclusive showcases


Comprehensive visual coverage in Mexico, blending captivating photos and videos, spotlighting artist showcases for new singles, fresh talent,

and exciting albums.

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  2. Premium Access: Images and Videos

    • Includes full access to images and videos.

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